Law Firm "Zabiela, Zabielaitė and Partners" provides legal services in:





Banking and finance law

"Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners“ offers expertise in all key banking areas including:

- application and interpretation of tax legislation;

- banking, securities market and financing of companies;

- Loan, Credit, Leasing, Factoring issues;

- drafting of various documents;

- clients representation in taxes litigation.

- drafting factoring and leasing contracts

Our attorneys have participated in preparation and implementation of various projects of World Bank, Investment Fund, Paribas Bank, Ūkio bankas and others banks. We have prepared legal opinion on possibility to establish a Mortgage Bank in Lithuania. „Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners“ team had prepared draft of Amendment and Supplementation Law on Public Trading in Securities and participated in working group responsible for conception of Lithuanian financial and credit system development project, presided over the  working group responsible for development of Customs Code. We have represented and prepared legal documents for one of the biggest companies in the world EXXon Mobil regarding realization of securities of the Republic of Lithuania to the Lithuanian banks.

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” lawyers has been in internship in London, in areas of International Funding in Banking Sector and drafting financial contracts of International Monetary Fund (IMF), in New York, in the law firm  providing legal services for CHASE Bank, where participated in the drafting of credit and syndicated services contracts.

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” lawyers have drafted overviews of Lithuanian legal system for International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Lithuania. Law Firm’s experts have drafted factoring, leasing and credit agreements for Lithuanian banks. “Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” have also represented financial institutions in courts to recover funds from debtors.




Civil law

Civil law is one of the main practice areas of “Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners”. Our attorneys provide professional assistance and advice on the full range of such matters:

Family law area:

- separation and marital property issues;

- marriage contracts and other procedural documents;

- clients representation in divorce, adoption, guardianship, child support litigation.

Law of succession:

- inheritance litigation, wills issues;

- preparation of wills and other with law of succession related documents;

- clients representation in courts.

Contract law area:

- Sale-purchase, Exchange, Gift, Lease, Independent agreements, contracts for Services, Loan agreements, Credit agreements, contracts of Life annuity, Loan for use issues;

- drafting of various  transactions;

- clients representation in contractual legal relationship litigation.




Corporate and commercial law

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” offers expertise in all key corporate and commercial areas including:

formation of companies, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships, joint activities and others general corporate issues;

restructurization, reorganization, bankruptcy issues;

share related deals;

drafting of documents required in business activities;

trade and customs, commercial representation, distribution and others commercial law issues;

drafting of other legal documents and transactions;

clients representation in courts and in relations with institutions and private individuals.

consulting and representing clients in negotiations on conclusion of contracts.

Our attorneys have consulted such companies as „Kraft foods“, MG AB „Precizika“, British American Tobacco, „Merloni Elektrodomestici“  and lots of others on legal regulation of the activities of the companies. Also, we have represented our clients in negotiation and disputes in various institutions.

Our lawyers have carried out legal examination of various transactions of companies, such as: AB „Lietuvos energija“ with „Belenergo“, AB „Klaipėdos nafta“ with AB „Mažeikių nafta“, “DFDS LISCO” (“DFDS Seaways”), AB „Geonafta“, AB “Lietuvos radijo ir televizijos centras”. We have also participated in preparation of Lithuanian Free Trade Agreements with Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. Our law firm have provided legal opinions on the contracts of sale of “DFDS LISCO”(“DFDS Seaways”) and AB „Geonafta“ companies for State Property Fund. We together with British law firm “Titmuss, Sainer, Dechert” advised Societe Generale Emerging Europe Asset Management on investment and asset acquisition issues. Our legal experts have prepared draft project of reorganization of AB “Lietuvos geležinkeliai”.




Competition law

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” lawyers provide professional assistance and advice on the full range of such competition law related matters:

restrictive agreements and concerted practices, abuse of dominance issues, unfair competition, misleading and comparative advertising, state aid, concentration and other issues;

legal assistance on protection of right to fair competition;

representation of clients interests before the competent authorities in disputes on violations of competition laws.




Criminal law

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” has expertise in all aspects of criminal law:

criminal and criminal procedure issues;

preparation of procedural documents;

representation of civil plaintiffs and victims in criminal cases before the court.

Our attorneys have gained long term experience representing clients in numerous cases for crimes against human life, health, crimes of personal honor and dignity, crimes against property, property rights and interests, economic and business policy, financial system, traffic safety.




Energy law

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” provides legal services for clients on the full range of matters in the energy sector, such as:

electricity, district heating, gas supply contracts and other commercial agreements in this sector;

preparation of legal opinions regarding application and enforcement of laws regulating energy field;

drafting of transactions and other legal documents;

representation of clients before regulatory authorities and court.

Our lawyers have represented the biggest companies acting in Lithuanian energy sector, such as „Mažeikių nafta“, „Klaipėdos nafta“, „Šiaulių dujos“, „Lietuvos energija“. They have worked in the board of „Lietuvos energija“. Long term experience in a sphere of energy law has also been gained while providing legal services to the one of the biggest companies in the world EXXon Mobil on supply and sale of gas in Lithuania.




Information technology and telecommunications

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” currently covers the following areas in field of information technology and telecommunications sector:

- public advertising and advertising law issues;

telecommunication and information technology issues;

preparation of legal opinions, drafting of contracts and other documents;

drafting of legal acts regulating telecommunication issues;

representation of clients interests in disputes with competent authorities and private individuals.

Our law firm has consulted, prepared various drafts regulations and represented in disputes in variuos institutions Lietuvos radijo ir televizijos centras (LRTC). “Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” team has gained wide experience while consulting company “Neltė” and developing paging system in Lithuania.




Environmental law

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” attorneys expertise in all key environmental areas including:

compliance with environmental requirements, impact on environment, legal liability and other environmental law related issues;

preparation of legal opinions and drafting of various legal documents;

consulting on preparation of drafts of European Union and other support projects;

settlement of environmental disputes with institutions and private individuals.

Law Firm is a trusted advisor for many industries in matters of environmental law, regulation and practice. We have advised international company DAU GmbH on waste import and export from the territory of Lithuania. Our lawyers have represented clients in public procurements on waste accumulation and disposal services. We have also prepared legal opinions for association “Lietuvos ornitologų draugija” (LOD) and public establishment Judėjimas “Už gamtą“ on various environmental law issues.

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” attorneys have represented clients in international arbitration regarding water treatment plant construction and installation. We have advised one of the biggest car trading companies in Lithuania on development of management system of unexploited vehicles and compliance with related regulations.

Our attorneys represent clients in disputes with institutions and private individuals regarding impact on environment.  




Insurance law

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” professional expertise covers all legal aspects of insurance business and regulation including:

liquidation and reorganization of insurance companies, bankruptcy issues;

drafting of insurance transactions;

preparation of and consulting on application of all types of insurance regulations;

drafting of legal documents for obtainment of licenses and registration of insurance companies;

documents required to obtain permission of insurance brokers;

representation of policyholders interests before insurance companies;

representation insurance companies creditors interests in bankruptcy and restructuring procedures;

insurance disputes.

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” has concluded agreement with local representative of the world‘s largest insurance broker and risk adviser UADBB "MARSH LIETUVA". Law firms attorneys also were the members of the Board of UADBB "MARSH LIETUVA". Close cooperation with UADBB “MARSH LIETUVA” allows to protect client’s interests while dealing with insurance issues.

„Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners“ has legal experience in clients getting compensations after such insurance events as fire in company AB „Ekranas“ and lots of others.




Intellectual property, media and advertising law

„Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners“ has experience in intellectual property legal matters related to:

copyright, trade marks, patents, trade secrets, designs and other related issues;

consultations on strategic management of intellectual property, intellectual property rights supervision issues;

relevant scientific and business cooperation, public-private partnership issues;

legal assistance and representation in negotiations on commercialism of intellectual property (transferring, licensing and establishing “spin-off” companies);

intellectual property agreements (licenses, sub-licenses, copyright);

trade marks, patents, designs, license and sub-license contracts registration in Lithuania and foreign countries;

clients representation in intellectual property disputes;

legal assistance in media and advertising law related issues.

Law Firm has distinctive experience in intellectual property law area. Our lawyers have advised lots of famous Lithuanian and foreign scientists and artists. We have represented Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius Academy of Arts Design Innovation Centre, designer Žydrūnė Grigonytė, Institute of Chemistry, Semiconductor Physics Institute of Center for Physical Science and Technology, UAB “Arcus Novus”, UAB “Gyva muzika”, producer companies and others.

Wide experience in disputes arising from intellectual property law has been gained through our lawyers who have represented clients in various resonant trials. Attorney at law Mr Algis Krušna represented client UAB „EKSTRA“ ŽURNALAS in case regarding trade and service  trade marks identity and similarity.




Labor law

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” labor law experts have extensive experience in:

- concluding and terminating employment contracts and advising on rest period, wage and other labor law issues;

- drafting individual and collective agreements, employee handbooks and codes of conduct;

- advising on and concluding non-competition and confidentiality arrangements;

- representing clients in collective and individual employment disputes.




Land, real estate and construction law

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” helps its clients with:

land ownership restoration, purchase, gift and lease issues;

legal issues related to EU funds for agriculture;

drafting of contracts of Sale-Purchase, Exchange, Gift, Lease, Pledge and other real estate related contracts;

planning and zoning;

construction and contract issues;

legal opinions and drafting of various legal documents;

dispute resolution.

Extensive experience of our attorneys has been gained in preparing and carrying out legal expertise of nearly 30 laws and resolutions of Government, which regulate land, land lease, restoration of property rights, compensation for purchased land, forests, water reservoirs and other issues. Also, our attorneys are aware of EU land law, they participated in internships on agricultural issues in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark.

Attorney at law Mr. Albinas Raudonius has been the vice-minister of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania. Also, he was the head of the Department of Law and Management and the Department of Law in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Since 2005 attorney at law Mr. Darius Zabiela has been preparing the annual “Doing Business” surveys on construction in Lithuania conducted by the World Bank.




Litigation and arbitration

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” offers client-focused litigation and arbitration services:

preparation of pleadings;

representation of clients interests in administrative and general jurisdiction courts;

representation of clients interests in (local and international) arbitrations, other alternative disputes resolution issues;

clients representation in recognition and enforcement of judgments.

Law Firm has broad experience in handling disputes in courts and arbitrations. Our attorney at law Mr Vytautas Zabiela was a member of the board of Arbitration Court at the Association, International Chamber of Commerce Lithuania. Attorney at law Mr Algis Krušna was a vice-president of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration (VCCA). Attorney at law Mrs Jūratė Zabielaitė has been in internship in Paris International Business Institute (ICC) and has taken the course of arbitration in London University, and also was arbitrator of VCCA. Attorney at law Mr Darius Zabiela, who also was arbitrator of VCCA, has studied international arbitration and proceedings in the USA John Marshall Law School. Attorneys Mr Albinas Raudonius, Mr Darius Zabiela, Mr Algis Krušna and Mr Arūnas Bertulis are listed in the member list of the Agrobusiness Tribunal which is currently being established.

Our lawyers have represented clients in international arbitration in Copenhagen. As arbitrators they have handled the cases involving sale-purchase, supply and independent work relationships.




Pharmaceutical and medicine law

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” has extensive experience in legal matters related to pharmaceutical and medicine law, and offers its clients wide range of legal services:

marketing authorization and advertising issues;         

wholesale and retail supplying and reimbursement of medicinal products;

licensing of pharmaceutical and medical activities;

drafting of various legal documents;

settlement of pharmaceutical disputes and litigation with institutions.

consulting on the marking of pharmaceutical products.

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” has provided legal services for such pharmaceutical companies as Becton, Dickinson and Company, Public Establishment “Nacionalinis kraujo centras”, National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory, UAB „Interlux“. „Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners“ has drafted legal reviews regarding the licensing of medicaments, adding them to the list of reimbursement medicines in the Baltic states. Law Firm lawyers have also represented clients that suffered damage related to inappropriate treatment.




Public procurement

“Zabiela, Zabielaitė and partners” provides professional advice on all aspects of public procurement matters including:

public procurement law issues;

structurization of tender transactions, preparation of tender documents, evaluation of tenders and contract award issues and preparation of other documents;

representation of clients interests in disputes against institutions and third persons;

advising on public procurement in EU support projects.

Law Firm has advised National Public Surveillance Laboratory on various issues related to international public procurement. Also, we have provided legal assistance on various public procurement issues to the Public Establishment „Nacionalinis kraujo centras“.

Long term experience of our attorneys has been gained while representing numerous purchasing organizations as well as suppliers. Our attorneys have succeeded in representing client in litigation arising out of decision of State Control to impose sanctions for assumed violations of Law on Public Procurement.